Introduction to “Anabaptist Revival”

Recently, what has been taking place in our own Mennonite fellowship as well as its satellite congregation inspired me to write two articles entitled, “Another Gospel?” and ” Elephants in the Room”. For the past decade I have been observing a major upheaval among the younger generation of Conservative Anabaptists. These are not rebels – rather sincere believers who have been disillusioned with what they have experienced in church life and are in a desperate search for Truth. I am a senior who became part of the Conservative Mennonite church with my family as a teen. For almost 60 years I have observed, as one from within the sect, the progression of the movement from shortly after its beginning until today. My conclusion is that the salt has long lost its savour and the present upheaval is the beginning of the end for the institution. My burden is for the godly who are found among them, especially the younger generation who have been tragically let down by men of my era. God’s Kingdom is eternal and I long to lead them from a fallen institution to a vibrant relationship with the King of Kings and to a fruitful place in His Kingdom.

Lord, may a new day dawn!

As long as the world stands, it is the will of God to demonstrate His glory and power in His church. When men fail to carry out His work and hallow His Name in their hearts He will find others who will take their place. I am writing this blog for those who realize that something has gone wrong within the denomination and are seeking the ancient Way – the Christ of the gospel.

We have been crushed by a mountain of tradition, of ways to “do church”, of rules to “legislate holiness”, of oppressive methods designed to control our members, etc. What we need is to find the God of the Bible and learn to follow Him. May these words point you to Him!

David Jantzi